Thursday, April 21, 2011

Philips DirectLife with Personal Coach

Philips DirectLife with Personal Coach

- Measure all your movements
- Motivate with your own personal coach
- Monitor on a personalized website

Philips DirectLife with Personal Coach

- Measure
The Activity Monitor measures all your movements and translates this to calories burned through activity.

- Motivate
Your own personal coach is always by your side with helpful tips and advice and to answer all your questions

- Monitor
 Connect your monitor to your PC to see your activity patterns in great detail on the DirectLife website.


DirectLife starter package includes
* DirectLife Activity Monitor, necklace, pouch and USB-adapter
* 4 months membership
* Your own personal coach, via email
* Access to your personal web page which charts your progress
* Regular feed-back on your progress
There is an monthly membership fee of  $12.50 that starts after the 4th month.


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