Thursday, April 21, 2011

Free Urine Test

Free Urine Test

Color - Lighter the better.
Clarity - Clearer the better.
Odor - No odor
Quantity - 2 cups or more a day.

Free Urine Test

Many things affect urine color, including fluid balance, diet, medicines, and diseases. How dark or light the color is tells you how much water is in it. Vitamin B supplements can turn urine bright yellow. Some medicines, blackberries, beets, rhubarb, or blood in the urine can turn urine red-brown.

Urine is normally clear. Bacteria, blood, sperm, crystals, or mucus can make urine look cloudy

Urine does not smell very strong, but has a slightly "nutty" odor. Some diseases cause a change in the odor of urine. For example, an infection with E. coli bacteria can cause a bad odor, while diabetes or starvation can cause a sweet, fruity odor. Liver disease and certain metabolic disorders may cause musty smelling urine. Foul smelling urine may be due to bacteria, such as that responsible for urinary tract infections

You should produce 2 cups or more a day. Decreased urine output is defined as producing less than 500 milliliters of urine in 24 hours.

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